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Message Parse Email Processor
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Output File Options

Output File Options

Here you need to define the output file that the extracted data is to be written to. This wizard only allows for defining a delimited text file.

1Status Window

Status Window
The status window shows which step in the template wizard is currently be display.

2File Name

File Name
Here you enter the path and file name of the output file.

3Browse Button

Browse Button
Click this button to select the path and file name form the Windows folder browse screen. The selected path and file name is automatically entered into the file name field.


Here you select what character you want to use as the field delimiter. The options are Comma, Tab or Space. The most common delimiter used is comma.

5Back button

Back button
Use this button to return to the previous screen.

6Next button

Next button
Use this button to move to the next wizard screen.

7Cancel button

Cancel button
This button will close the wizard dialog without saving the template to file.


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