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Message Parse Email Processor
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Set Output Properties

Set Output Properties

This screen is used to setup how and where you want to write the data. Message Parse can write to delimited text file or Access database. The bottom portion of the screen changes depending on which output type is selected. In this example we are using the text file output.

1Output Type

Output Type
Here you can select the type of Output file you want to write the extracted data to. In this case select "Text File" from the drop down list. The bottom portion of this window will change making the properties for a text file available.

2File Name

File Name
Enter the path and file name for your output file here. The path can be any valid path on your local or network drives. If the file exists the data is appended to the existing file. If the file does not exist then a new file is automatically created.


A delimited text file suitable for importing needs a way to separate the pieces of data. Here you have a selection of possible and common delimiters. From the list select "COMMA". This is the most common delimiter for programs with importing capabilities. If the specific program you use requires one of the other options select the appropriate option.

4Allow Duplicates

Allow Duplicates
A check in this checkbox would tell the program to go ahead and allow duplicate records. A duplicate record is if the record string (ex:,Cypress Sales) already existed in the file. In the case of a mailing list you probably do not want duplication. So in this case we leave it unchecked.

5Available List

Available List
In this list will be the two variables that have been created. You select from this list which of the variables are to be included in the output record. You can do that by selection the variable name and clicking the add button to move the variable from this list to the output list. You can move all available variables by clicking the "Add All" button.

6Output List

Output List
This list contains the variables that have been selected to be put into the output file. The order in which the variables are listed is the same order in which they are in the output record. For example if you had SenderName and then SenderAddress the record that gets written to file would look like this:
sendername,senderaddress. The order in which you output is important if you need to import the extracted data in a specific order.

7Up Button

Up Button
You can use this button to move the selected variable up in the output list. Each click of the button will move the variable one place upward.

8Down Button

Down Button
Use this button to move the selected variable in the output list down in list. Each click will move the selected variable downward one spot.


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