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Message Parse Email Processor
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Message Filter Options

Message Filter Options

On this window you tell Message Parse which messages or types of messages you want to extract data from. Message Parse will exclude messages that do not match the filtering criteria specified here.

1Status Window

Status Window
The status window shows which step in the template wizard is currently be display.

2Parse All Option

Parse All Option
Select this option if you want to include all messages found in the mail source defined.

3Parse Only Option

Parse Only Option
Select this option if you want to only include messages from the mail source that match the following criteria.

4Filter String

Filter String
Here you enter the filtering criteria. For example if you only want messages that contain "Survey Result" in the subject field you would enter "Survey Result" in this text box.

5Message Field

Message Field
Select from this drop down list the message field to be used in the filter criteria. With the previous example you would select the MSG_SUBJECT.

6Back button

Back button
Use this button to return to the previous step.

7Next button

Next button
Use this button to move to the next wizard screen.

8Cancel button

Cancel button
This button will close the wizard dialog without saving the template to file.


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