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Message Parse Email Processor
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General Properties

General Properties

The General Properties window is where you setup the name of your template, what the mail sources are to be and what the message filter will be.

1Template Name

Template Name
Here you enter the name for the template. The template name must be unique. The name is also used for the file name when the template is saved to disk.

2Enabled Checkbox

Enabled Checkbox
A check in this box enables the template. Unchecked the template is disabled and ignored by the Message Parse engine.

3Mail Source List

Mail Source List
Here you see the mail sources that have been added. There can be multiple mail sources. When the engine parses using this template it will connect to each of the defined mail sources.

4Add Mail Source Button

Add Mail Source Button
Click this button to bring up the Mail Source dialog.

5Delete Mail Source Button

Delete Mail Source Button
Click this button to delete the selected mail source from the list.

6Filter Message Field

Filter Message Field
Here you select which of the message fields the program should look for the filter string. The message filter allows you to tell the program which messages should be parsed with this template. Select <None> if you want all messages to be included.

7Filter String

Filter String
Here you enter the string that the filter is to look for. Any message that contains the defined string in the selected message field will be included in the parsing. All messages that do not contain the string are ignored.


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