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Message Parse Email Processor
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Create Data Variables

Create Data Variables

In this window we create variables to hold the pieces of information we want to extract. In this example we need a variable for the senders email address and the senders display name. Below describes the steps to create the sender's address. Repeat the process for the sender's name. Note there are several options on this screen that are not discussed on here. For details on all variable options you will want to review the "Data Variables Properties" topic.

1Add button

Add button
Click the Add button to create a new variable. Once the variable is created it is listed in the list box to the left and is automatically selected. If you need to edit any of the variable options you simply need to select the variable name from that list.

2Variable Name

Variable Name
The name is used to identify variable. The name should be descriptive and must be unique. For our example type in "SenderAddress" (for the second variable use SenderName). Tab over to the Message Field.

3Message Field

Message Field
Here you tell the program what field in the message should be used by selecting the field from the drop down list. You will notice there are several fields to choose from. For this variable (SenderAddress) select "SENDER_ADDRESS" (for the second variable select SENDER_NAME). Tab down to the Data Starts option.

4Data Starts

Data Starts
This option is used to tell Message Parse where in the selected field the data you want will start. We call it the start anchor. In the case of this exercise choose "Beginning Of Field".

5Continues Until

Continues Until
This option is the Stop Anchor. Meaning that the data we want is between the start anchor and this point. For this exercise choose "End of Field". Essentially we told the program we want all the "SENDER_ADDRESS_FIELD".

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