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Product: Message Parse
Version: 3.18
Date: 09/07/06


Thank you for trying out this version of Message Parse. This section is devoted to documenting the changes from version to version.

Special Offers

Cypress Technologies recognizes the extreme effort it takes to evaluate software. It times time, energy, and patience. We want to help you with this endeavor, by getting you to real life situation as fast as possible. Therefore, we are offering to put together your first template file for Message Parse absolutely for free. Along with the template that fits your specific needs, we will include details on how the template was built. This is a great way to evaluate Message Parse in a real life situation as well as speed up the learning process. For more details and/or to request this service, simply send an email message to

Version 3.18 Release Notes

* Fixed a problem with deleting messages using Microsoft Outlook. Only half the messages were being parsed.
* Modification made to how the program connects to Outlook. Change made to client and engine.
* Fixed a problem with the Outlook folders initializing in expanded mode.
* Rewrite of the help file adding several enhancements. Now available online.
* Fixed problem with not being able to retrieve dates and times with Outlook Express.

Version 3.13 Release Notes

* This is strictly a maintenance release containing some code clean up issues.

Version 3.12 Release Notes
* Fixed an issue where the output include list would empty when adding or deleting variables.
* Fixed problem with error when moving a variable to the bottom of the include list.
* Fixed a problem where changing variable parameters would not enable the template save changes.
* Fixed an issue where the senders address would not always be extracted in Outlook Express.
* Fixed problem with output file name triggering a file does not exist error.
* Fixed problem where the program would not allow for network folders to be used in the output name.
* Fixed an issue where the toolbar buttons would disappear if you maximized the main window.
* Added the ability to by pass the security warning when using Outlook as the mail source.

Version 3.04 Release Notes

* Fixed issue when you click the Add Mail Source button and click okay program would fault. |
* Change the delete button for mail source to disable when no mail source are listed.
* Fixed the POP3 delete button functionality.
* Fixed issue where if no source was selected program would enter blank line into the source list.

Version 3.03 Release Notes

* Fixed the ability to delete parsed messages per template.
* Fixed the suppress error switch which was not working.
* Fixed the problem where the template list would not come to the front after editing options.
* Fixed the problem where the help button on the toolbar not working.

Version 3.00 Release Notes

* New version release with new features and new interface.


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