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Message Parse Email Processor
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Getting Started

This section is all about getting started extracting data from your email messages. So here we will walk through step-by-step how to create a simple template.

For the example we will build a simple mailing list from the messages. We want to capture the Sender's Address and Display Name if it exists. We will write the data to text file suitable for import to a spreadsheet program.

1. Install and Launch Program

2. Create New Template

3. Setting General Properties

4. Add Mail Source

5. Setting A Message Filter

6. Create Data Variables

7. Set Output File Properties

8. Save and Close

9. Extract Your Data

You should now be able to review your mailing list. It would contain the addresses and names of the senders that were in the mail source. This is of course a very simple example. Message Parse has a lot of powerful features allowing for complex processing of messages.


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