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Message Parse Email Processor
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Main Window

Main Window

The main window of Message Parse is the entry point to the entire program's functionality.


The toolbar allows quick access to the main functions of managing templates. For descriptions on the use of each button see the "Main Toolbar section" in this manual.

2Explorer Bar

Explorer Bar The explorer bar is the main menu system for Message Parse program. By clicking the header of any one of the available sections a menu of available actions is unveiled. You can select an action by clicking one on the item text.

3Template List

Template List The template list shows information on all existing templates. Here you can see whether or not a template is enabled. You can also see the last time a specific template was run. This information is especially useful if you are running the parsing engine automatically from a scheduling type tool such as AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler.

The actions provided by the toolbar buttons as well as many of the Explorer Bar menu items will correspond with the template that is currently selected in this list. You select the template you want to work with by clicking the template name. If you want to edit a specific template you double click the template name.

Note that when a template is disabled it is ignored by the Parsing Engine.


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