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Message Parse Email Processor
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Template Properties

Template Properties

The template properties window is where you setup the options that tell Message Parse how to extract the data and what to do with that data. There are 4 different windows separating the various pieces. They are accessed using the explorer bar menu on the left side.

1Explorer Bar

Explorer Bar Here you select which of the property windows you want to work with. There are four options. General Properties, Data Variables, Output Properties and ActiveX Scripting.

2Save Changes

Save Changes
The "Save Changes" button is used to save any changes already made. This button is available on all the properties windows. You can click this button any time you want to save already made changes.

3Close Button

Close Button
Close button will close the template properties dialog. If any changes have been made you will be prompted as to whether or not you want to save changes first.

4Back Button

Back Button
The Back button is a navigation button. Clicking this button will bring up the property window that is listed before the current properties window.

5Next Button

Next Button
The Next button is a navigation button. Clicking it will bring up the property window listed below the current property window.

6Cancel Button

Cancel Button
The Cancel button closes the template properties dialog without saving any modification made.


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