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POP3 Account

POP3 Account

This window is used to create or edit PO3 Accounts. The information here is the data required to connect to a POP3 account. If you do not have this information contact your ISP Administrator.

1Account Name

Account Name
Type in the name to help you identify this specific POP3 mailbox. This can be any name but must be unique.

2Host Name

Host Name
Here you enter the mail server host name. This will normally be in a similar format to


Here you want to enter the port number that the mail server is on. The default value for most POP3 mail servers is 110.

4Login Name

Login Name
Here you want to enter your mailbox login name.


Here enter your mailbox password.

6OK Button

OK Button
Click the OK button to save the changes to the POP3 Account. Once the information is saved the dialog box will close.

7Cancel Button

Cancel Button
Clicking this button will close the dialog without saving any changes.


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