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Message Parse Email Processor
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Command Line Options

The following syntax is used for running the Parsing Engine from a command line or from a scheduling application:
"mpengine.exe /<option>"
There are several options that you can use to tailor the operation to your needs. If the Parsing Engine is run with no command line options it will run normally using all templates currently enabled.
Command Line Options:
/f<template name>
This options runs the Parsing Engine with the template defined in the name parameter. The template file must be enabled otherwise no output is created.
Runs the Parsing Engine in silent mode. In this mode the engine will not show the user any status or error messages. The status window will show under this condition. The application will also continue to log errors to the error log file.
This option runs the Parsing Engine in silent mode with no user interface. The application runs in the background hiding the main status window that normally comes up. The program will not show any messages or errors requiring user intervention. You can however see an icon in the systray when the engine is running.
This option displays the available command line options.


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