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Message Parse Email Processor
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Data Variables

Data Variables

On this screen you can tell Message Parse to create variables from a formatted text sample.

1Status Window

Status Window
The status window shows which step in the template wizard is currently be display.

2Use Message Body

Use Message Body
Select this option if you want to extract data from the body of the message.

3Use Attachment Text

Use Attachment Text
Select this option if you want to extract data from an attachment. Note the assumption is that you know there will be an attachment in the message.

4Include the whole Text

Include the whole Text
Select this option if you want to create a single variable and include all the text from the message body.

5Create From Formatted Text

Create From Formatted Text
Select this option to create variables from a formatted text. Formatted text normally includes one piece of data on each line of text and has a common separator between the item anchor and the actual text. Example: "Company Name: Cypress Technologies". The text "Company Name" is the anchor and the colon character is the separator.


Here enter the common character that separates the field from the data to be extracted. Variables are created for each item found using the text before the separator.

7Sample Text

Sample Text
Enter a sample of the message text here. The program will use that text to create a variable for each item it can find.

8Back Button

Back Button
Use this button to return to the previous screen.

9Next Button

Next Button
Use this button to move to the next wizard screen.

10Cancel Button

Cancel Button
This button will close the wizard dialog without saving the template to file.


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