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Using ActiveX Scripting

Note that you will need to have knowledge of scripting technology and know how to write a script in order to use the ActiveX scripting functionality.
Message Parse supports ActiveX Scripting. With ActiveX Scripting, you can use a scripting engine to modify template variables before they are written to the output file. This functionality requires that an ActiveX Scripting engine such as VBScript or JScript from Microsoft be installed on the same machine as Message Parse.
Why would I need to use scripting?

Scripting will allow you to extend the capabilities of Message Parse to suite your own custom requirements. Message Parse already does most of the work for you. However you may have a need to manipulate the data to meet your requirements. With scripting, you can create your own custom program within Message Parse.
How does it work?

Message Parse provides the scripting engine the ability to get and set variable values by providing the following two methods.

Returns a string to the script containing the current value of the variable requested. The varname parameter is simply the name you used to define a variable. As in the example below, you would get the value of FullName with the following call in your script.
name = Template.GetValueByName("FullName")
SetValueByName(<varname>, <value>)
Allows you to replace a variable's current value. The parameters are simply the variable name in your template and the value to assign to that variable. Let's assume the FullName you had your script get from the template is a string "FirstName LastName". From that value your script splits the first and last name into two variables. Once the script has done this you could assign the values to two other variables that are defined in your template.
Template.SetValueByName("First", varvalue)
Template.SetValueByName("Last", varvalue)
ActiveX scripts assign to run in the parsing engine are executed after the program has extracted the data but before it is written to file.


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