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Message Parse Email Processor
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Variable Options

Variable Options

This window allows you to set various options for the variables. All checked options are applied to each variable created.

1Status Window

Status Window
The status window shows which step in the template wizard is currently be display.

2Case Sensitive

Case Sensitive
A check in this checkbox makes an absolute match required. If the checkbox is unchecked case is ignored.

3Whole String Only

Whole String Only
A check here forces the program to only consider a point as match if the complete string is found.

4Use Quotations

Use Quotations
Check this box if you want the output to include quotes around the data. Use this option if there is a chance that the delimiter selected is likely to be part of the extracted data.

5Remove Line Feeds

Remove Line Feeds
Check this box if your data is likely to include multiple lines of text.

6Start Of Line Only

Start Of Line Only
Check this box to force the program to only consider a match if the variable text is the beginning of a line in the message body.

7Back Button

Back Button
Use this button to return to the previous screen.

8Next Button

Next Button
Next Button: Use this button to move to the next wizard screen.

9Cancel Button

Cancel Button
This button will close the wizard dialog without saving the template to file.


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