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Message Parse - Screenshots


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Main Window

General Options

ActiveX Scripting Options

Screen Shots

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Main Window
Where you edit parsing templates. 

General Options
Allows you to set where templates will be located on hard drive.

ActiveX Scripting Options
Message Parse allow you to define your own scripts using ActiveX Scripting


Template - General Options

Template - Variable Options

Template - Text Output

Template - Database Output

Template - ActiveX Scripts

Template Properties

General Options
Allows you to pick the type of output and type of mail source such as Outlook and POP3. 

Variable Options
Program allows you to create as many variables you need to hold the data you will extract. 

Text Output
Can create text delimited file which can be imported into many different types of programs such as databases, spreadsheets and accounting packages. 

Database Output
Can output your extracted data directly to databases such as Microsoft Access.

ActiveX Scripts
Can create scripts such as VBScript to manipulate the extracted data before it goes to output.

   Mail Message Sources

POP3 Mailbox

Outlook Folder

Outlook Express Folder

Eudora Folder

Mail Sources

Message Parse allows for several options for the mail source. Support for Outlook, Outlook Express, POP3, Eudora and Netscape.


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