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Message Parse Email Extraction - Overview

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Message Parse Overview- Process Emailed Data Quickly and Easily


Message Parse is a simple to use, but powerful, program that allows you to extract data from messages and share it with your other applications.


When your web users submit a form, place an order, or subscribe to your newsletter, the most common way to process that information is with an email message. The problem is that processing those emails can be time consuming and labor intensive. More than that, retyping data is error prone.


With Message Parse web form submissions (or any other email) are processed quickly and easily according to rules that you set up. The software will extract the data that you need from the email and enable you to send it to other applications. Our customers commonly use Message Parse to:


  • Extract Data from an order for use with QuickBooks or other accounting applications.
  • Get contact information from an order to add to a database.
  • As a simple solution to add support requests to the shared support database
  • Process information submitted by site visitors to maintain email subscription lists.
  • Much, Much More! Really Message Parse is the software with a thousand uses.

    Message Parse will save you time and money when working with your crucial business data. Whether you have a small online business or you run a multi-site store, our software will make your job less labor intensive, and it will add a level of accuracy to the processing of data that you never thought possible.


    You don't need to take our word for it though, you can try Message Parse free for 15 days, or check out our NEW EMAIL PROCESSING SERVICE where we will do the work for you and deliver just the results.



    Message Parsing features that work for your needs.

    Features Overview - How Message Parse Works

    Whether you need to extract contact info from customer emails, get order fulfillment data, or even if you have a complex set of rule-based data needs, Message Parse works to import the email and extract the data you need. Once extracted, the information can be saved in a comma separated format for simple import into other programs, or it can be directly saved into your database. Use the link below to read more about how Message Parse works.


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    An Easy-to-Use Template Wizard

    Message Parse comes complete with a 6-step template wizard. This simple tool walks you through the process of setting up a template for extracting the data you need. The wizard includes the most commonly sought after data items to make basic setup simple.


    If more is required, users also have the option to control every aspect of a template. Data can be imported based on rules that you setup, and the software even includes Active X scripting capabilities for extended functionallity.


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    Simple to Setup Multiple Message Sources

    Message Parse allows you to quickly and easily extract data from orders for processing those orders, to add to your accounting program, and more. Once a message has been imported it can be saved into multiple formats for use with virtually any other program you may use. Messages can be retrieved from your pop server, or imported from your current email program.

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    Powerful Features - Put Integral Data at Your Fingertips

    Along with the ease with which you can setup and use Message Parse, we didn't make the program short on power. You can define every aspect of how the software searches for data to import, and you control how and what gets exported. You can even use languages like VBScript to easily extend Message Parse's capabilities to meet your needs.


    The simple truth is that in our data-intensive world, data is power, and the better control you have over your integral business data, the more smoothly everything runs.

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    System Requirements

    Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.

    Disk Space: Under 8 MB

    Operating System: 95/98/2000/XP/Vista

    Outlook: 2000/2003/XP/2007



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