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Automating Repetitive Tasks With Cypress Technologies Software for Windows Will Save You Time, Save You Money, And Increase Your Productivity


AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler

AutoTask 2000 is a simple-to-use task scheduler for Windows that takes the repetition and drudgery out of your routine computer work. Its intuitive interface lets you immediately schedule routine tasks, from retrieving email to backing up files. Finally, you don't have to be -or hire - a programmer to automate your boring, repetitive computer tasks.


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LaunchPad Scheduler

LaunchPad  Scheduler for Windows is a task scheduler that allows you to run those often-put-off tasks after your done for the day. Tasks like disk optimization, drive backups, and daily reports to name a few examples. In addition, you can run DOS commands, run/quit any program, display a message, send keystrokes to programs, shutdown your system, reboot your system, and use hotkeys.


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Message Parse 

Message Parse makes it easy to transfer your email information to other Window applications. There is no need for you to copy/paste information from routine inquires, orders and internet form results. Use Message Parse to grab data from incoming emails, and transfer it to your spreadsheet, database, or accounting package.


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EPGateway is a new and inventive way of processing and managing POP3 email messages automatically. EPGateway automates all the manual steps and actions you are performing on your inbound messages.


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Cypress Utility Library

Cypress Utility Library is a collection of great utilities for Windows. With our inexpensive library, you'll have use of a collection of easy-to-use tools that let you save Outlook attachments, extract email addresses for Outlook messages, send personalized emails to your customers and clients, and much more.


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Cypress News

  03/08/09 - New!
Low Cost Email Data Extraction Service

   03/02/09 - New Release
Autotask 2000 Task Scheduler v3.77

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Custom Solutions

If your automation needs are a bit more specific, Cypress Technologies also provides custom solutions services.  


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