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Cypress Utilities Library - Overview

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What is the Cypress Utility Library


Cypress Utility Library is a collection of great utilities for Windows. With your purchase of the library you'll have a collection of easy-to-use tools that let you save attachments, extract email addresses, send personalized emails to your customers and clients, and much more.


As with all our products all these utilities are available for you to try first. That way you can make sure that your automation needs are met by the programs.

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Current Utilities  


Attachment Auto Saver for Outlook
Save email attachments to hard drive, automatically

CTMailer Bulk Mailer
Send personalized email to hundreds of recipients in rich html format

CTAddress Extractor For Outlook
Gather email addresses and user names from Microsoft Outlook folders

Record keyboard and mouse strokes for automatic playback.

Automatically keeps folders clean of unwanted files




We will be adding utilities to the library on a continuous basis. So check back often to see what is new.  If you have any suggestions for a utility you might need let us know...


Purchase of the Cypress Utility Library entitles you to use any and all programs assigned to the library.



Custom Solutions

Cypress Technologies also provides custom solutions services.   


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