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LaunchPad Event Scheduler - Overview





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   Why waste hours every day repeating the same routine over and over again if LaunchPad can do it for you automatically? Free up your time now, so you can dedicate yourself to your business, enjoy profits, and never be a slave to time consuming chores, tasks, and routines.



LaunchPad for Windows is a powerful scheduler for running a variety of different types of tasks automatically and for displaying pre-scheduled messages. With LaunchPad you can easily automate task such as backups, downloads, uploads, system cleanup, retrieving and processing email, daily, weekly or monthly reports.



With LaunchPad’s new additional features, it is easier than ever to get the extra productivity you need while working with your computer. Whether for home or business, novice or power user, LaunchPad can easily and effectively handle the task. Take control of your computer routine task  now.



LaunchPad is packed with enriched features that will allow you to take care of all your routine computing task. The following is just a sample of the features available.

Flexible Scheduling Options
LaunchPad allows you to chose from several scheduling option. There is practically no scheduling frequency that cannot be achieved. The Scheduling options include: workdays, weekdays, holidays, daily, monthly, yearly, time intervals, hours, etc...
Conditional Scheduling
LaunchPad allows you to launch events based on conditions as well as schedule. Conditions like: File Exists, File Doesn't Exist, Application Running, Application Not Running, File Change, File Change And Not Locked.
Numerous Event Actions
LaunchPad provides several built-in commands which can be performed such as Run a Program, Run DOS Commands, Send DDE commands, Send keys. Also, it includes a built-in support for Ground Control Macros. Ground Control is a macro scripting tool developed by Acrasoft. With Ground Control you can extend the capabilities of LaunchPad enormously.
LaunchPad Lock Option
The lock option is intended to prevent Lock LaunchPad users from activating the menu items and the event scheduler. The Lock is initiated with the entry of a password. Once the password is inserted the program must be unlocked before new access admissions. The unlock procedure requires to insert the password again.
Wildcards Support
Wildcards enable the use of the “File Exists” and “File Doesn't Exist” conditions. There are plenty of more additional features not covered in this section. In order to evaluate the powerful LaunchPad software, download it now for a 30 days fully functional trial period.


LaunchPad Details

Current Version: 3.23

The following prices are based on a single order and all prices are per user.

# Users

Each User














System Requirements

Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.

Disk Space: Under 2 MB

Operating System:

The 32bit version is for the following Windows systems:







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