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CTMailer - Overview

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What Is CTMailer?

CTMailer is a mass mailing program designed to make easy work of sending email messages to a list of recipients. The program allows you to send html and text messages. Supports merge technology so that each message out can be personalized with data from your database. 

Below is just a few of the great features this bulk mailer has to offer:

Rich Html Messages
Provides a built in DHTML editor for creating your email messages. This editor is extremely easy to use and supports all common commands for HTML coding. Also supports the ability to save your messages to file for future use. 


Multithreaded Delivery Engine
Allows for up to 50 messages to be sent to different users simultaneously. Making delivery to a large list of recipients extremely fast.  


Does Not Require The Use Of   Your ISP's SMTP Server
Using the latest technologies you can choose to send your messages directly to the recipients mailbox without connecting to your ISP's SMTP Server. By acting as a SMTP relay itself you get fast and reliable delivery of your messages.


Ability To Maintain Mailing List
This version allows you to import your mailing list to the programs database. Once there you can add, delete, modify the listing as you see fit. CTMailer uses Microsoft Access database.


Try CTMailer free for 15 days to see if it meets your needs.

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Current Version: 2.21

CTMailer is a simple way to communicate your business to potentials and existing customers

CTMailer  is part of the:

Cypress Utility Library


Custom Solutions

Cypress Technologies also provides custom solutions services.   


System Requirements

Minimum required by operating system you are running.

Disk Space: Under 4 MB

Operating System:

AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler will run on the following Windows operating systems.




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