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CT Folder Cleaner  - Overview

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Automatically Cleaning Out Old Files From Your System


CTFolderCleaner is a automated solution designed to remove files by date. CTFolderCleaner gives you the ability to specify which folders to monitor and how old the files should be before they are deleted. You can automatically remove files over x days, months or years from the monitored folders. CTFolderCleaner will also allow you to archive those files to a different location. Great for transferring files to backup location while keeping your local drive clean.

Below is just a few of the great features CTFolderCleaner  has to offer:


  • Allows you to specify which folders to monitor

  • Allows you to automatically include or exclude sub folders.

  • Allows you to set how old the file must be before any action is taken.

  • Can automatically monitor your folders.

  • Allows you to move the file to a new location for archive purposes before deleting.


Added benefits to using licensed version of CTFolderCleaner is you get access to all the programs in our Utility Library.


Try CTFolderCleaner free for 15 days to see how easy it is to automate your clean up process.

 Product  Info

Current Version: 1.1

CTFolderCleaner  is part of the:
Cypress Utility Library 


System Requirements

Minimum required by operating system you are running.

Operating System:

CTFolderCleaner will run on the following Windows operating systems. 



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