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Attachment Save for Outlook - Quick Start

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Quick Start Guide for Attachment Auto Saver for Outlook


Attachment Auto Saver is a very easy-to-use utility. Below you will find information on how to start using Attachment Auto Saver. 


1. Click the "Attachment Saver" button located on the Outlook standard toolbar. 

2. From the dialog enter the hard drive location you want to save attachments to. 

3. From the Outlook Folder list select the folder you want to monitor for attachments. 

4. Click the Add button to add the data pair (hard drive folder/Outlook Folder) to the active list. 


It's that easy. You can repeat the above process if there are other Outlook Folders you want to monitor for attachments. 


5. Click the Done button when finished. 


For further details on features of the Attachment saver add-on or instruction on how to use the different feature see the Attachment Auto Saver User Guide

 Product  Pricing

Current Version: 1.2
Attachment Auto Saver  is a simple way of automatically save attachment from Microsoft Outlook.
Attachment Auto Saver  is sold and licensed on a per user basis. Each user must register their own copy.

Cost: $39.95


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System Requirements

Minimum required by operating system you are running.
Operating System:
Attachment Auto Saver  will run on the following Windows operating systems. 


Requires Microsoft Outlook
 2000, XP, 2003

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